For New Christians

Also see Christianity Explained.   
For children and young teens courses see Children's Studies.

  • Lessons for Christian Living

    Lessons for Christian Living

    Answers questions most commonly asked by new believers on salvation, assurance, victory, baptism, church,  witnessing and living for God. 

    As you study the 12 lessons of this course you will begin building a solid foundation for your faith.
    100 pages.

  • The Source of Life

    The Source of Life

    “In Him was life . . .” With these amazing words, the apostle John begins to tell us of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. He boldly states that Christ is the Creator and Source of all life, both physical and spiritual. 

    May your study of John’s gospel help you grow in appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom to know is eternal life (John 17:3).
    52 pages.

  • Baptism Next

    Baptism Next

    A great guide to baptism for teens and new Christians. 

    You’ve been born again through faith in the Lord Jesus. What comes next? 

    Learn what the Bible teaches about baptism.

    With colour illustrations of actual baptisms around the world.
    24 pages.

  • What the Bible Teaches

    What the Bible Teaches

    Basic facts about God, man, sin, salvation and heaven. 

    This may be the most widely used introductory Bible study course in the world.
    50 pages. 

  • Choosing a Church

    Choosing a Church

    Prepare to be amazed as you compare the massive religious organizations of today with the simple elder-led assemblies of the New Testament. 

    This unique course will help you to discover from the Bible what really matters - and to discard the rest!
    36 pages.

  • Guide to Christian Growth

    Guide to Christian Growth

    Your new life in Christ should change the way you think, talk and live.   

    This course will help both new and mature believers see how being a Christian affects every decision we make in life.
    48 pages.

  • I'll Take the High Road

    I'll Take the High Road

    This course marks out some of the milestones on our road from earth to heaven.   

    It deals with the things that make us grow, and how to handle the problems that hold us back.
    157  pages.

  • Ready to Give an Answer

    Ready to Give an Answer

    Evidence that Christians can use to convince others that the Bible and Christianity are true.  Our faith is reasonable and logical.   

    From a "short-day" creationist perspective. 
    142 pages.

  • Can We Know God

    Can We Know God

    This course in simple English is a short summary of what Christians believe.  

    It has helped many to know God.
    95 pages.

  • God is There

    God Is There

    This will help you discover who God is, how He is seen in creation and history, & how you can know Him personally. 

    55 pages.